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LHC superconducting radio-frequency cavity in the LHC tunnel

What will happen on the day?

A media centre will be established in the Globe of science and innovation. Since it is not possible for us to take everyone to the CERN Control Centre, from where the LHC is run, we will install part of the control centre infrastructure in the media centre. At all times during the day, a member of the operations team on shift will be in the Globe and on hand to explain what is happening.

The Globe is equipped with a large screen that will show the activity in the control centre, and there will be regular press conferences via video-conference link with the control centre through the day.

Through the day, visits for TV media will be arranged to the control centre. There are two vantage points from which the control centre can be observed.

Visits to the control rooms of the LHC’s experiments will also be available for all media.
Experts will be on hand at all locations throughout the day. No underground visits will be possible.

The first injection of a beam is scheduled for 9:30 CET, and will be preceded by a planning meeting that will be relayed to the Globe from 9:00. You are strongly encouraged to arrive at CERN before 8:30. The objective for the day is to have beam circulating in the LHC, the precise sequence of events will evolve through the day.


Technical information for media

Satellite uplink will be provided by Eurovision ( throughout the day. The following facilities will be available through Eurovision to accredited media:

  • Inside Live Standup position with the press room and control desk as a background
  • Outside Live Standup position with view of the Dome
  • Beta D, SX, SP, DVC-Pro and DV-Cam playout
  • Distribution table for coverage access with your own recorder
  • Direct connectivity to the Eurovision Global Network

B-roll footage can be found at along with pre-recorded interviews with LHC personnel and CGI material illustrating the science of the LHC.

Limited (ENG POSITIONS) TV positions are available overlooking the CERN Control Centre, but without direct satellite uplink. TV news media wishing to reserve a slot should contact the CERN press office.

On the first beam day itself, photographs will be posted at regular intervals on the site. High-resolution copies are available at no charge, subject to acceptance of CERN’s conditions of use. Photographers will not have access to the CERN Control Centre on the day. Visits to the Control Centre will be organized for photographers in advance of the first beam day.

Please note that access to CERN’s high-resolution photo collection is via login. Media wishing to access photographs on the day might like to set up accounts in advance.

The Globe will be equipped with electrical power (European standard plugs), wireless and plug-in internet access and ISDN lines. Media wishing to use the ISDN should contact the CERN press office.


Practical information

Accredited journalists should pick up their badges at the CERN reception (building 33, GPS: 46°13'59'' N; 6°3'20'' E) from 7:30 time to 9:30. The first attempt at beam injection is expected to take place at 9:30.

Here you find a general map of the Geneva area, and instructions for access by public transport.
CERN can not provide accommodation for journalists, here is a list of hotels in the Geneva area.

If you wish to visit the control rooms of the ALICE or LHCb experiments, or the CERN Control Centre, you will need a passport to cross into France.

If you are bringing professional TV equipment, please note that a carnet ATA is required.

There will be limited space in the Globe for storage of luggage.